“Doing MA HRM from TISS Hyderabad is not like a stereotypical MBA from any other B-school.” says, Mukesh Bhavsar, who currently studies at TISS Hyderabad (Batch 2015-17). Mukesh Bhavsar has done his Civil Engineering from Mumbai University and MA Political Science from IGNOU. He has worked for a couple of NGOs in India and UK. His interests lie in entrepreneurship, writing, social work, traveling, and photography. We thought to ask him a few questions that help you demystify all your confusions!


For TISS Hyderabad, a 100-acre campus has been proposed but the current one is a makeshift campus. Is it enough? Could it be better? Is it still worth it?

TISS Hyderabad currently operates from two campuses- one is TSAPARD Rajendra Nagar and another one in Roda Mistry campus (the one that holds the HRM course). Though the campus is equipped with all the basic amenities, it needs more to suit the standards of a high-quality management course. The Roda Mistry campus is adjacent to a beautiful lake; in the heart of the city of Hyderabad. It is surrounded by a lot of companies and offers multiple opportunities for interaction with industry experts.

During our weekly sessions, we have had the chance to interact with highly accomplished professionals like ex-global HR head of P&G, Director- HR Asia-Pac of Signode, Senior VP-HR of Synchrony Financial and many others. Attending various conferences of NIPM, ISTD and CII remains an enriching experience.



Who should do this course? What are you expected to know before this course?

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It is mandatory to study the foundation courses on society, economics, and politics in the first semester. It is an enchanting experience to study these subjects from faculties who are alumni’s to London School of Economics, Oxford, and Rhodes.


The professors work as facilitators rather than being tutors. Hence, they expect you to have read sufficient material provided before the class. The motive is primarily to make you uncomfortable with comfort; make you move more towards acceptance; and in developing numerous solutions. A few weeks in the institute, you find yourself actively taking part in discussions and debates on gender equality, literature, CSR, and sustainable development.


What is the fee? The first batch will now sit for placements. Hence it is too early to predict placements. How is the placement cell? 

One of the best things of doing a management course from TISS is a high return on investment (ROI). The total fee for the two-year HRM course at Hyderabad is close to Rs. 3 Lakhs, which is rather lower than top B-schools. Chairperson of TISS HRM Hyderabad course is an IAS officer who is also TISSian.

An elected placement committee leads the placement process. Though final placements of the first batch are yet to happen but students have made their mark in the prestigious companies like Intel, ITC, Aditya Birla group, ITC, and many others their during summer internship. The TISS brand has a strong record of placements, therefore the Hyderabad course will follow the same footsteps.


What are some of the USPs of this course?

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Apart from good placements, there are other advantages of doing human resource management from TISS Hyderabad. It offers a master’s degree whereas most of the other institutes offer postgraduate diploma in management.

A lot of students are reluctant to join the course because the institute provides a Masters of Arts Programme in Human Resource Management, as posed to an “MBA”. The industry, however, treats both degree holders at par.


Tell us something about the Internship opportunities in this course?

Every semester the students have to work in different companies to understand business practically and implement their classroom learning. Despite being the first batch, we got an overwhelming response from the industry This made it evident that our future is bright. We got an opportunity to work with startups like Portea to MNCs like Amazon, ITC, Mercer, Deloitte, etc. Just in a matter of 1 and a half year TISS Hyderabad campus has managed to send their HR students to about to 50 different organizations.


Which are the other better options- these are the colleges that are usually compared with this college, state names, why is TISS Hyderabad better than others? 

Hyderabad campus of TISS was established in the year 2008 and the HRM course began from 2015. The core of Hyderabad HRM course is similar to HRM & LR course of TISS Mumbai with some more value addition based on suggestions taken from both academicians and industry experts. Hyderabad students get to study trending subjects like HR Analytics and Social media in HR.

Apart from TISS, XLRI is also considered as one the best institutes for studying HR in India. Besides that, colleges like Narsee Monji (Mumbai) and SCMHRD (Pune) also attract student attention.

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How would you rate your overall experience?

It was as if I opened a Pandora box! I did not anticipate such a kaleidoscopic view of challenging responsibilities as well as authorities to confront me. They taught us to make informed choices with the limited resources that we can gather. It is almost like trekking.


So here are your answers for the puzzle called MA in HRM from TISS Hyderabad’.  This would have been difficult without the help of Mukesh Bhavsar. You can ask him more questions in the Comments below! For Counselling, simply write to us!  For more details, Go to the CollegeProfile of TISS Hyderabad on CollegeBol.com!

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