The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad or IIM-A) is a public b-school located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It was the second Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to be established, after IIM Calcutta. It is definitely one of the hardest B-Schools to crack. The two-year Post-graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) is a full-time residential course for graduates. It invites students from all disciplines wishing to choose a career in management. For a fact, this Programme was ranked at No.16th in the world by the Financial Times Masters in Management category in the year 2014! Consequently, Placements at IIM-A are also better than most B-Schools. These factors make IIM-A probably even more exclusive!

The Beginning

First of all, it is too early to predict the cut-offs for the IIM A batch of 2017-19. But we care for you, so we got you some information on the eligibility criteria to keep in mind before building your IIM A dreams. The eligibility criteria shall take into consideration your 10th, 12th and your graduation marks. Basically, at every important stage, your past records will be used in the grading system. There is also a minimum cut-off criteria for graduates, according to the data of 2016-18, without which your admission seems rather unlikely.

Before You Look at the Complex Eligibility Criteria for IIM A

Of course, there is no single figure in this. Everything depends on your reservation category and your past score. There is a set of complex structures of rules and eligibility criteria that have been made available on the IIM Ahmedabad website but we thought to simplify this a bit for you- before you head there!

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All about Preliminary Screening

Most-noteworthy detail is that in CAT-2016 there will be three sections, viz., ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ (QA), ‘Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning’ (DILR) and ‘Verbal and Reading Comprehension’ (VRC). Furthermore, only the candidates above the following minimum cut-offs in the sectional percentile ranks, the overall percentile rank and obtaining a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of CAT-2016 will be considered for all the subsequent stages.


Cut-offs Criteria for Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) 2017-19 in IIM Ahmedabad

Cut-offs Criteria as per 2016-18

Category Verbal and Reading Comprehension percentile rank


Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning percentile rank


Quantitative Aptitude  percentile rank


Overall percentile rank


General 70 70 70 80
NC-OBC-cum-transgender 65 65 65 75
SC 60 60 60 70
ST 50 50 50 60
PWD 60 60 60 70
Note: Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Non-creamy Other Backward Castes (NC-OBC), Persons with disabilities (PWD).


At different stages of the selection process ‘Application Rating’ (AR) score of an applicant will be used. An applicant’s AR score is the sum of the rating scores ‘ A’, ‘ B’ and ‘C’ (Tables 2-4) based on their percentage of marks obtained in the 10 th standard, the 12 th standard (depending upon the stream, viz., ‘Science’, ‘Commerce’ and ‘Arts & Humanities’) and the bachelor’s degree programme (depending upon the discipline) respectively. For different streams/disciplines, the equivalent ARs are arrived at by using a (sort of) percentile equivalence of the score distributions using previous year’s CAT data.

For a General Category student, the minimum criteria for Verbal and Reading Comprehension (PVRC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and Quant at IIM Ahmedabad was 70 percentile rank, whereas the overall percentile rank was around 80 percentile rank. The other categories lie SC, ST and PWD may require a lower percentile as stated above. These cut-offs are minimum which basically means there is no process of admission that can happen below these ranks. However, in reality, even the 97 percentile students find it difficult to crack IIM A.


Minimum Average Score required in X (10th) and XII (12th) in Arts, Science and Commerce streams with Reservation categories

Stream in XIIth General NC-OBC SC ST DA
Science 80 75 70 65 70
Commerce 77 72 67 62 67
Arts & Humanities 75 70 64 59 64

This means that if you have scored lesser percentage in your respective 10th or 12th grade in whatever category applicable (General, SC, ST, DA), you fall out of the criteria. Therefore, you may not even be eligible to be admitted at IIM Ahmedabad.

In conclusion, the exact cut-offs mentioned above are computed based on the previous years’ CAT data taken from the official website of IIM Ahmedabad, where you can find full details of the admission criteria and eligibility. It depends on various factors like the applicants’ pool, the distribution of CAT scores etc. which may change year to year. In view of this fact, the Admissions Committee of IIM-A reserves the right of changing the cut-offs if deemed desirable in the light of CAT-2016 data.


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