Arts is a stream in India that generally brings in a lot of doubts. It is considered to be a choice made by people who are not sure of what else to do after their board results. Hence, having such a question is interesting in the first place.

English literature apart from common beliefs is not just about reading English literature but experiencing and practicing it. English language still remains as a common global language. There are many things that you must look at before you get your answer:

  1. Define Useful:

    What do you mean by useful? If you mean whether it will help you get a job or not: Yes it will. You can get into careers like Teaching (after doing a B.Ed), Journalism, Editing, Book Writing, Book Translation, Copy-Writing, Script Writing (TV, Radio, Films) etc. Average starting salary in each of these fields could be Rs. 15000 to Rs 25000.

  2. ‘Useful’ is also a relative term:

    English Literature is useful compared to …… something. Figure what is that something you desire. Is it money or fame or research or literary excellence, etc. This will not only be an important or your current decision but also your coming future decisions.

  3. What does it Take:

    In terms of Content, English Literature is pretty much a way of life. You get acquainted with so many cultures, countries, people; through the books you read. If you wish, it can be a journey at the end of which you may realize what do you find exciting. But for that, you’ll have to release your inhibitions and open yourself to the world out there.

  4. Wear some Accessories:

    You can also add skills to your profile by learning some more foreign languages, or Indian languages if you want to get into translation.

  5. Content Writing, Editing, and Translating:

    There is always a dearth of good Content Writers and Translators. If you are good at it, you get a Your options are unlimited. If you turn out to be a really good writer and learn to market yourself properly, you can get great Freelancing and Work from Home opportunities.

  6. Post-Graduation Opportunities:

    Natural post-graduation opportunities for you can be Master of Arts (English Literature), Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Film Writing and Editing, B.Ed. However, don’t stop yourself if you get Entrepreneurial instincts too.Some of the greatest entrepreneurs and actors had a degree in English Literature (quoting Lee Ballentine on Quora)

  7. What College are You From?

    It also depends on which college are you doing it from. A good college will attract the best of the students and shall provide you with a great library and amazing discussions. However, even if you haven’t ended up here, this field is such that you can get access to things on your own too.


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