College life is when there are highest possibilities to you find your true talent. Most of us try and get ourselves into activities and initiatives which are challenging. That’s the beauty of college life, it gives you a chance to discover your talent.


But Talent is only the starting point! What matters the most is: Are you going to be able to handle your talent? Or will you become your worst enemy by becoming self-obsessed and arrogant?


One must admit that to evaluate one’s skill is the most important and there is no doubt in that. Without it, improvement is impossible. But if you become self-immersed in your own talent, it shall take you nowhere.

For Example, You participate in a debate competition for the first time and end up winning too. What does it mean? It means you made an honest attempt and you were really good that day. It is important to know what it doesn’t mean:

  • You are already better than your peers.
  • You’re already the best Debater in your college.

Smartness is to not think of it beyond one victory, and focus on how much you enjoyed during the process. You could be a good speaker, a ferocious writer, a talented photographer or a charming dancer but to excel at your passion, you need to make sure that you zoom out once in a while, look at yourself as a third party, and be objective. Cultivate the ability to get out of your own head.

If you are wondering about some of the popular people who were also egoist? What about Steve Jobs? And what about Kanya West? Ryan Holiday writes beautifully about this in his book ‘Ego is the Enemy’:

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We can seek to rationalise the worst behaviour by pointing to outliers. But no one is truly successful *because* they are delusional, self-absorbed, or disconnected. Even if these traits are correlated or associated with certain well-known individuals, so are a few others: addiction, abuse (of themselves and others), depression and mania. In fact what we see when we study these people is that they did their best work in the moments when they fought back against these impulses, disorders, and flaws.


Only when free of ego and baggage can anyone perform to their utmost. So if you want to excel and be the best- Be Humble.


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