BK Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (BKMIBA) is a popular college in Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad known for its flagship course that is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). When it comes to BBA, lots of questions come to our minds. “Why should one do a BBA and not a B.Com? What colleges are good? What kind of score is required?” And so on…

Sharik Laliwala, an alumnus of BKMIBA (Class of 2016) was an ace student who got a chance to explore the college, inside out, through his inquisitiveness and active involvement in college activities. He has secured admissions in King’s College, London for his Masters. While he packs his bags for a new tomorrow, Team CollegeBol took a chance to ask him about BKMIBA, the course, the college, his experiences and what can one expect from the college. Look at what he has to say.


1. What kind of 12th score does one need to get into B K  Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (BKMIBA)?

The requirement for admission into this college is not demanding. Though the college had set up fast-track cut-off at 90% for this academic year (i.e. 2016-17), the actual merit cut-off was around 75%, which is not painstakingly difficult to achieve.


2. Who should do a BBA? How should one differentiate between a B.com or a BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has its curriculum more focused towards courses related to management whereas Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) is a course that is  more focused towards Accountancy and Finance. Thus, if one wishes to pursue Management then BBA is a better option since it is Management oriented and it naturally involves Finance too. Over and above, BKMIBA, there is a significant importance given to liberal arts and humanities subjects too; something that widens perspectives of students of looking at various managerial issues.


3. How is the student life in the first year at college?

Most of the times, your college day is divided between 11 AM to 6 PM. On some days, it could really be 8 AM to 8 PM. Personally speaking, it changes your entire day schedule, since the lectures are scheduled throughout the day, which has become more stringent starting this academic year (2016-17).

In the first year, students have to give presentations as part of communication course, the industrial project as well as research projects if taken up voluntarily. Every Wednesday, lectures are scheduled for half-day while the other half is dedicated to club activities where one can be a participant or an organiser. This adds a different flavour to your college life. The college authorities provide constant encouragement to students for   participating in state and national level competitions too.

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4. How is the course structure like? What is the examination system, especially because it is a part of Ahmedabad University?

The core modules carry particular agendas and objectives circulated to students at the beginning of the semester. The course would mostly run for 30 sessions of 1.5 hours each around the course objectives in a semester. Most semesters have an average of 7 subjects. A typical semester has the examination system designed with:

  • Concurrent Evaluations: For the first year, these evaluations mean live Quiz sessions where you are graded. These amount to 15%  of the total marks. For rest of the years, this means Projects, Presentations and Submissions.
  • Mid-Semester Exams: It means MCQ paper for each subject. These exams account for 30% of the total marks.
  • End-Semester Exams: Mostly, this is a subjective form of written exams which account for 50% marks.

The study material mostly includes textbooks available in the Library. A course might give weight to attendance and class participation for scoring purposes. Generally, the attendance accounts for 5% of your total score in a subject. If you have more than 80% attendance, you get 5 marks. It goes lesser with the reducing count. However, it is important to note than a student with less than 60% attendance is not allowed to give exams. The course structure and examination system would vary across courses but this pattern is identical for a majority of courses.


 5. What would you say about the Faculty and Teaching?

The central point of distinction for BKMIBA from other BBA colleges is its focus on liberal arts and humanities courses. Such courses allow students to think critically outside of pre-set mental frames. For that, I would mention Prof. Chirag Trivedi for being one person who has fundamentally shaped and altered perspectives of lot many students through his courses like Discovering India, Management Lessons through Literature, Understanding Culture, Imagining India to name a few. When you combine learnings of such diverse courses to a management course, it leads to brilliant opportunities for  peer to peer learning.

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 6. How are the extracurricular activities in the college?

Ahmedabad University has sought to centralise many academic functions as well as activities starting this academic year in its exercise of much-needed structural changes. Therefore now on, many of club related activities (clubs such as Theatre, Literary, Quiz, Music, Fitness, Dance exist at University level) have become university-wide which lets a student interact across schools and disciplines. I had spent most of my time at the college, organising events, rather than participating in them. As an organiser, the main cultural fest, Antarnaad remained my favourite whereas as a participant the Ahmedabad University Youth Fest remained special.


Sharik Laliwala_BKMIBA

Photo: Sharik Laliwala @BKMIBA

7. Did you get a chance for an Industrial visit or an Exploratory College Trip?

Industrial visit is a compulsory module in the first year of college. Initially, students prepare a draft and then there is a viva taken, for the module. The better of them present their drafts in a competition. Moreover, I also volunteered as a senior for an Excursion Study Tour of 11 days of the course which was about Discovering India. This tour meant to explore people and places like never before. We went to Delhi, Lucknow and Varanasi with expert sessions about the cities, an interactive session with Rajeev Gowda (Member of Parliament) and the best part- a visit to the Parliament House. 


8. Does this course make you employable? Is this course worth the money spent?

The course at BKMIBA is much more rigorous than the ones offered in any other BBA college of Gujarat.  Of course, if one were to compare it on a national level then there is a greater scope of improvement. Yet, the course is more than sufficient enough to make one employable. Further, the college helps in getting placement through its placement cell.  We have a Placement Cell in the college which sees companies like Cafe Coffee Day, Godrej, TCS and other local companies. Generally, the starting salary would be upwards  15000 Rupees per month as the first salary if you’d complete the course with good grades and internship experience.On a personal level, I think that the packages offered to students are not up to the mark and require betterment though they also depend on the ability of a student.

Currently, the fee is nearly 70000 Rupees per year. It increases every year. BKMIBA offers financial support need and merit basis.

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9. Can one prepare for competitive exams like CAT while studying this course?

Overall, the rigour of the curriculum makes it a little difficult for sure. But a lot of students still manage to do it. Most people go to coaching classes and if they do, they either take very early morning classes or late night ones. A lot of them try and cover important parts during vacations, and most coaching classes relax their lectures during a normal academic season. Overall, the rigour at BKMIBA might help in a B-School like an environment for sure.


10. Point out the Best things about BKMIBA. What should a student look forward to?

According to me, the interactive environment for students topped it all. Every year made you learn different things. This, coupled with opportunities for participation in events outside of college and organising college events helps you learn a lot at such a young age. These things turned out to be some of the best things about BKMIBA.


11. Point out the things that could be improved, things that were disappointing, or things that you have to bear with?

It was the functioning of core management courses with no interlink of one course with the other that needs correction. Not only disappointing but at times this approach hindered one’s abilities. Now, slowly the courses are opening up to case-study based approach but the speed is excruciatingly slow.

The college needs to relax the attendance requirements for students who participate in events. The managing of attendance and simultaneous participation in events hurts one’s attention on both fronts.


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