Selecting a college can come close to one of the most important decisions of our lives. And for most of us are not ready to take it. All of us have gone through it. We were ill-informed, ignorant and clueless. And most of the times we depend on people we look up to, whether or not they have a clue.


How to choose the right college?

One major difficulty students face is to not be sure of the stream they wish to pursue a career in. First, decide the stream and course of your choice and figure out the most general process to get into it. If it requires an entrance exam to crack in, figure out what it takes.


What is the most important thing in College Selection?  

Admission Chances: Depending upon how you think you’ll perform in the entrance exams, shortlist a few colleges. This is the most important step.

Make a list:

1) Aspirational (Your dream college/s)

2) Realistic Colleges (Places you’ll land in if you work hard)

3) Safe (If nothing works out, these colleges will save you)


This is important because we need to prepare for the unforseen. By this simple method, you don’t have to stop dreaming, nor do you have to fall right on the ground¾ you know where you stand.



Why shortlist colleges?


Shortlisting is important because if you apply to a lot of colleges, you are going to pay a bomb for their application fees already. Plus, you can’t expect to hit the mark if you are shooting in the dark. So focus.  Students should look at the ranking of the college: Higher the ranking, the better the opportunities one will be exposed to.


Texting vs Application Language

When you have to really write something and it’s not a text

What college rankings to trust? 


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We are moving towards a time where private college ranking lists will become redundant as they are paid and difficult to trust. In such situation, listen to what students of those colleges have to say. You can easily find student reviews and these ratings on


There are some key things that one should see within the rankings:

  1. Quality of the course
  2. ROI: Is this course worth the fees?
  3. Affordability and Financial Aid: Can I afford this course? Do they provide scholarship? Can I get a loan?
  4. Job readiness
  5. Faculty to Student Ratio
  6. Campus Infrastructure
  7. Accreditation
  8. Does it provide hands on opportunities?
  9. Student life



How to keep calm?


The entire process is not only exhausting but a lot exhausting. One must not get insecure seeing at a friend doing better, not just morally but also because it’s helping in no way. Focus on your stuff. Remember, no problem is too big. No mistake is the end of the world.





A lot of research goes into choosing the right college. Take one step at a time, from general move to specifics; simplify your criteria and shortlist at each step. There are a hundred choices, and you can’t get into all. Even if you do get into one of those good colleges, it is still battle half won. So don’t let your fear drive you crazy.


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