Most of the students and their guardians think that medical education is all about clearing medical entrance examinations like AIPMT/NEET/CET. But reality lies is different. How is life as a Medical Student? Read to find out.

Our professors say, “The best days of medical school are the day you get in and the day you graduate.” The underlying message of this statement that we all know too well is – medical school is hard. It’s way more work than you’d ever think you’d handle, which means a lot less sleep and lot more stress. It separates you from friends and family.

1. ‘OMG you’re studying medicine? You must be so clever!’

The most dangerous situation for a medical student is understanding the complicated symptoms as explained by their own family members and relatives. Whether you are in the 1st year or in the internship, your family thinks that you are a specialist.

2. Seniors take their frustrations out on juniors

“Medicos”- It sounds like a flag of superiority. But actually, medicos are the like the goats to be slaughtered by butchers. And the butchers are the Non-clinical, Para-clinical staffs, seniors, interns, JRs, SRs, Professors, who always take their frustrations out on juniors.

3. Students will screw over other students in order to make their way to the top.

It’s like you are begging me to hate you. It’s a common scenario observed in most of the medical schools.

4. Having to do on calls and night shifts, when we aren’t even getting paid for it, feels unfair.

It’s almost inevitable that we will be up at 2 am-3am some nights caring for our patients and praying that they won’t crash. We can’t avoid work.

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5. No matter how hard you try, clinical wards are always boring.

Following a doctor around, whilst they check on patients just isn’t fun. The real tragedy is when the patient changes his/her version before the professor and half of your history goes wrong.

6. We get stressed out by our non-medic friends graduating, getting married, and having kids

We get stress out by our non-medico friends graduating, getting married, and having kids. While we are still in medical school, it feels like everyone around us is moving on with their lives.

7. We have to memorise so many new drugs, it feels like our brains are about to explode.

The most problematic part of going through the medical textbook is to cram names of thousands of drugs and various syndromes named after the discoverers; who are rarely Indians.

8. A good night sleep is a wonder for you.

Coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, mouth fresheners will be your friend dearest to make you a nocturnal being and attend early morning clinical theory classes.

9. Exams cause every single one of us to melt down.

There are too many diseases, too many bones, and too many drugs to learn.

10. And we become exceptionally cynical about everything and everyone.

Dealing with death on a daily basis can be emotionally draining.


(These are my personal experiences written on a lighter note, as a Medical Student myself. It is also more relevant to India as I study here. It appears to me that a lot of students will be able to relate to it. Can you think of other struggles that I haven’t mentioned here? Would love to read them! Comment! )

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