There are literally no secrets to success in MICAT. MICA Ahmedabad – the institute which stands out in the list of several B-schools and is a home for creative passionate young business minds.


To start with, if you don’t already know, MICA doesn’t stand for Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad anymore. It stands only on its shortform: MICA. As much as MICA differentiates itself from the plethora of B-Schools, it also distinguishes its entrance exam from the rest. Known as MICAT, it is one of the most interesting tests one can appear for.


It involves subjects like Quant, Verbal ability, logical reasoning, and GK. Apart from this it also has a psychometric section and a creative writing section. An eclectic mix of subjective and objective questions are thrown into your way and if you know the tips and tricks to solve them, your first step towards MICA is covered.

The most noteworthy thing while preparing for MICAT is that one never knows what really works for MICA. Their scoring patterns, group discussions and personal interviews have incredible secrets stored within them. Furthermore, the unpredictability of the test is the benchmark for its formulation and hence it leaves very little room for preparation, but what remains in our hands is to practice and make it perfect.


MICA Ahmedabad



If you are preparing for CAT/XAT, the Quant portion becomes easy. Especially relevant is the fact, the Quant paper in MICAT is easier than CAT.  This section mostly includes Arithmetic related topics including Time and Speed, Time and Work, Average, Allegations and Mixtures. Other topics include Profit and Loss, Numbers, Venn Diagrams, Functions, Probability, Mensuration, and Equations.


The verbal section of the paper includes topics like para jumbles, reading comprehension, statement-assumption, statement- conclusion etc. In addition, one important hack for verbal is to prepare well for ‘statement assumption and conclusion’.  Most of the students lack preparation for it. There are games available online that can help you test your word power and make it enjoyable too.

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Logical Reasoning:

Verbal reasoning and word association form an important part of the Logical Reasoning paper.  There is one hack to Word association hack: You must know a lot of proverbs and phrases like a Pride of Lions, a Pack of Wolves, etc

GK (General Knowledge):

Here is where one can beat the crowd most of the students fail to prepare for this one. General Knowledge is a thing that does not come all of a sudden, and even if you know something, it does not mean that you will remember it.  Questions cover current affairs to business news to advertising agency trivia to global brands awareness, etc. You can read up more on Campaign India, Afaqs, Bizquizzard and Exchange4Media.

Some more things to remember:

  • Taglines of Famous Brands
  • Celebrity Endorsers
  • Films and Related Awards
  • Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

How does one prepare for the Creative Writing Section at MICAT?

A fascinating section of MICAT is Essay Writing and Story Writing. A hack to clear MICAT is to practice writing at least 2 to 3 months before the exam; even if you think you’re good at it. Read some good short stories to get inspired. The portion of essay writing is to test your thought process, your perspective and your craft on topics based on your facts. Essay writing includes writing 5 points for the motion, 5 against the motion and your opinion about it.

Next is Story writing: It involves connecting a sequence of 4 or 5 pictures and weaving them to create an exciting tale; it is all about checking your creativity and how good a storyteller you are. There is no right or wrong in these sections. You don’t know what works out and what doesn’t but bring out your creative best.

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How does one go about the Psychometric Test?

The Psychometric section is another compelling feature of MICAT.  Students are given 30 MCQs to comprehend their Aspirations, Motivations, and Behavior. This section can be cracked through honesty and early introspection. Students should practice writing 20 good and bad things about themselves and take a firm stand while attempting this section in the exam. Try avoiding neutral as the choice. There are no right or wrong answers. This test in only to understand how you think. Hence a student must try and not be manipulative or diplomatic. The same question is asked in different ways to test you. It’s a good assessment of whether a candidate and college are good fits mutually. MICA believes in instilling the spirit of freedom and creativity in you and hence tests you on various parameters to gauge your capacity.

Try and avoid Whatsapp groups for guidance.Rather than those, you can also be a part of  this MICA Facebook Group that has students that will guide you on your way.

Here’s hoping that you will clear MICAT, get a good cut off and…

Group Exercise (GE)/ Group Discussion: Which animal are you?

What you do in a group, defines who you are. If you get a good percentile and if they call you for a round of Group Exercise; you are very lucky to start with. But you have to do a good balancing act now, in order to excel through the GE. Your GE responses will show whether you are like a lion or a cat or a wolf or a vulture. This student of MICA says it rightly on Quora:



How does one prepare for a Personal Interview Round?

No, it is not as extreme as roadies! One thing you have to do is to have clear reasons as to why MICA and not another B-School. You must have a clear understanding of why you wish to pursue a certain career path, and what you wish to gain from MICA. The likes and dislikes section in the interview form forms quite an interesting part of the interview process and hence know it in and out.

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MICA Ahmedabad



Sample Interview Question at MICA:

In one of the interviews, a chair was put upside down in the interview room, to see how the student reacts when she enters the room and they asked her questions on why she reacted the way she did. It seems like Stress Interviews have been common to test the personality and firmness of students. If you score well in them, most of the times, you get a spot offer. Often students with low CAT percentiles get spot offers and high percentile people get rejected.


In Conclusion, MICAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams to crack through but it really deserves your time and effort. Still confused? Go to the Official Page of MICA on CollegeBol.comlook at what the Students of MICA have to say about their college.


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