One of the toughest, and the most liberating, catch of being in college is that you’re away from home. While the ‘liberating’ part is that you’re finally independent and learning to juggle it all by yourself, the ‘tough’ part is you miss the pampering. And what you’d give anything for is the Food! On top priority would be anything cooked by your mom/grandma, and then would come all the food joints that were your second home when you were back in town.


Pile on this the super unfamiliar environment, and you’re not that dry-eyed when talking about home. But how do you make those ‘friends for life’ you see others talk about?


The best trick to make friends in college – FOOD!


It’s not a typical generalization when we say that almost everyone is a foodie. Even when scouting for the right college, mess food quality equals syllabus quality!


Store some favorite food packets only and only for yourself – the private homesick stash. And open the rest for others. Know some secret ingredients or be the food guide if the food is a specialty of your hometown. If it’s cooked at home, it’s even more special – mom’s magic is a sure worker here too.


Flashy clothes, branded accessories won’t do the trick at all. Be simple the first few months, observe a lot. Give a chance to what people have to convey, and this may not always be in words. Build a basic trust factor, and then start classifying people in the categories you may have.

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PS – Being someone with an SLR/DSLR and a readiness-to-click also does the trick sometimes, but food’s an easier option. Cheaper too! 😉


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