Any career path is hurdled with questions, options and confusions. This fact does not change even if one knows his/her passion. Usually B. Com is a choice by default. And one arrives at it by the method of elimination than of selection.


You can be in one of these situations:


-> Scored amazing marks in 12th, especially in accounts.

-> Pursuing CA is, often, your parents’ dream before you could dream for yourself. My child will be a CA!.

-> All your friends dived head first into it and you followed suit because there was nothing else to do.

-> If you are not sure enough, you could add to this innocent B. Com stream – the rainbow of CA – and what you could get is a canvas painted by everyone else but you.

-> And then there are rare times when you decide you have what it takes to pursue one of the toughest courses in the country along with a B. Com tag.


The above said are the scenarios that most of you would be able to identify with. But there is much more to this than just the royal tag of CA.

A side dish

Getting into an average college influences this decision more than we think. Because the B. Com degree will reiterate this fact, it’s usually a good idea to have CA as something to be able to boast of.

The royal college

Point 1 does not remain the easy decision it seems if you are in a good college. A B. Com from DU is one of THE most high-profile Bachelors in the country, accompanied with the placements hullabaloo. This degree is proficient enough and does not require you to go elsewhere for better exposure.

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You or a Better You?

One important thing that happens once we get into college is that we change. Almost always for the better. Doing CA would mean that you would not be able to spend a lot of your time experimenting with all that your college has to offer. The brainwash offered by CA classes usually wins over the ‘drab’ B. Com degree. While CA would bring you the prestige that comes with it, it may not bring you all the skills you need for coming across as a leader.

Liking Accounts

While accounts may be your crush in school and you may have dated tax or costing, things change when you come to college. If you make this decision before exploring other subjects or even before exploring these very subjects in depth, a breakup can be expected even after several attempts.

Travel with Audit

Even though you may miss out on college activities, the articleship experience teaches you the ways of the world. Among them, you get the excuse to travel, subject to your comfort to outstation audits. These times are memorable ones!

Test the relationship

If you’re really keen on pursuing the course, go through the CPT phase. Give it your best and expect the difficulty level to only escalate rigorously. This would definitely give you clarity on a lot of things – course structure, time commitment, etc.

Always sunny in a rich man’s world

All the CAs that you see rich, wealthy and more wealthy are not because they’re CAs. While the stream may have contributed to high earnings, hard work and dedication have an upper hand.

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Factors like your own knowledge of the stream, luck/circumstances, economic condition, the access you have, also play a role in this.


Lastly, it’s okay to try different things before you decide your favorite. There is always the asterisk which implies that most of the above is dependent on a combination of factors. And it is never, never, never too late for you to backtrack on a decision.


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

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